About This Site
Brian Gongol

This entire site is created and maintained by Brian Gongol. Gongol.com was launched in January 2000 after spending time at a series of free-hosted sites, as far back as 1998. The oldest saved archives are from 1999 and 2000. It is not a blog.

Gongol.com is a collection of categorized (and editorialized) links and research papers, mainly on markets and America's place in the world. I have a distinct interest in economics as well as science and technology (especially including the Internet and aviation). The evidence suggests to me that (a) most people are good, though we can't ignore the evil minority, and (b) progress is our obligation to future generations, though we always need to mind the difference between change (which can be good or bad) and improvement.

The economics bent derives from my undergraduate education at the College of Business Administration at the University of Northern Iowa. I graduated summa cum laude with bachelors' degrees in economics and communications/electronic media. They turned me into a pretty solid Chicago-school economist. Or, rather, they were kind enough to share knowledge about a wide range of economic theories, and it became apparent that the Chicago School made the most sense of all.

I legitimize my electronic media degree as host of The Brian Gongol Show, a talk show about "making money and having fun," Sunday nights on WHO Radio (1040 AM) in Des Moines, Iowa. At that time of night, WHO's signal reaches 34 states and into Canada, so there's a very good chance you can listen in. I'm also co-host of The WHO Radio Wise Guys. I keep an archive of past show notes, trailing all the way back to the beginning.

During the work week, I'm a sales engineer with the eponymous DJ Gongol & Associates, Inc.. We are manufacturers' representatives in the water industry. To most people, it is sufficient to say I spend much of my time working with engineers on pump systems. My resume serves more as a CV these days.

Other things I do: A few of the things I'd like to do in this lifetime: To contact me, use this contact page, which allows me to sort the real messages from the inevitable spam that emerges when one's e-mail address is posted on the Internet. Which mine, fortunately, is not.