Checklist for Setting Up an Android-Based Phone
Brian Gongol

Important: These steps are based purely off personal experience, but reflect the accumulated notes resulting from at least five complete restarts of the phone. Your mileage may vary.

  1. Add WiFi networks
  2. Change or correct the voicemail number (if necessary)
  3. Change the menu layout to "list"
  4. Place two clocks on the home screen
  5. Download programs from the Android Market:
    • iMapMyRun
    • Pandora
    • K-9 Mail
    • Stitcher
    • AVG Antivirus Pro
    • Adobe Flash
    • DO NOT download Google Reader
    • DO NOT set up the default mail program; it has a serious memory leak
  6. Set the browser homepage
  7. Set the alarms on the clocks
  8. Change the ringer to your preference
  9. Lay out the screens:
    Home screen
    Weather for current location Clock 1
    Weather for home Clock 2
    Google Reader (link) Flashlight Camera Camcorder
    Internet K-9 Mail Gmail Messages
    Screen 2: Social Media
    CoverItLive Facebook Google Plus Jabiru
    Peep Talk Voice Recorder
    Screen 3: Tools
    AVG Antivirus Pro Calculator Calendar Google Docs (link)
    Google Goggles iMapMyRun Location Maps
    Market People Settings WiFi
    Screen 4: Entertainment
    Amazon MP3 Audioboo BBC News iHeartRadio
    Music Pandora Stitcher WGN Radio
    Playlist: Work
  10. Turn off haptic feedback when typing (Settings > Language and Keyboard > Touch Input > Text Input)
  11. Turn off Spanish as the second keyboard language, enabling voice-to-text on the main keyboard screen (Settings > Language and Keyboard > Touch Input > International Keyboard)
  12. Move as many items as possible to the SD card
  13. Check firmware:
    • Android version 2.2
    • Baseband
    • Kernel htc_kernel@and18-2 #1
    • Build 2.11.573.5 CL325935 release.keys
    • Software 2.11.573.5
    • Browser Webkit 3.1
    • PRI 1.70_027
    • PRL 15112